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New Directions

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With the latest discussions in the group behind us, it became clear that I was going to have to come up with something to use the FAGE ruleset. This left me pondering for a while, trying to figure out what to do with the group.


So, I created the following list of objectives for me to work from.

  • Setting would ideally support a west marches inspired campaign. (In case you’re not familiar with west marches.)
  • Setting needs to easily support urban, wilderness, and dungeons adventures.
  • Setting needs to support a consistent starting location, to simplify adventures starts.

Looking at it now, it seems like an ambitious list, but I think I’ve got a concept to work from that could satisfy all of my objectives.


  • The gods agreed to a compact to stop fighting each other directly and to work through adventurer guilds that explore the megadungeon that they created.
  • What is known is that they are looking for heroes to achieve certain unspoken goals as the dungeon is explored and conquered.
  • Over the last 150 years, the city of Divinity (current working name for the city) has grown around the dungeon entrance, from an initial supply depot to a major metropolis/trading port.
  • No mortals know for certain the true intention of the gods in creating the dungeon, nor do any know how many levels actually exist within it.
  • Monsters within the dungeon are soulless fabrications of the gods that strive for the destruction of all who intrude upon the dungeon. (Need to come up with a way to clearly identify the dungeons fabrications. Perhaps something like a glowing gemstone in their foreheads.)

I am currently using the working title of “Dungeon of the Gods,” which I think has a pretty cool ring to it. This is also the reason I’m using the name Divinity as the working name for the city. Not sure if I’m going to keep that, but I have to use something for my notes as I work on this.

Open Items

With a concept framework, I now have to identify what items will need to be addressed, to bring this concept into something I can run players through.

  • Need to identify deities and/or pantheons. (Either use existing ones, or create new ones. Pros and cons for either approach.)
  • Need to determine total size and number of districts for the city. (I don’t plan on fleshing out the entire city, but I do need to define the scale of the city.)
  • Create a random generator for the different city districts. (In support of not defining everything in the city, a random generator of what can be found in the different city districts would make things easier. Probably add to this some pre-gen materials to work from.)
  • Need to work out the mechanics for the monster spawning, and the associated values for them. (I’m thinking that the monsters within the dungeon are spawned. Perhaps there is a specific reward to be gained by defeating said spawned monsters. Also need to decide how these monsters are spawned.)
  • Need to define the hierarchy of the city and major power players. (Such as what the major adventurer guilds, what are they like, and who runs them.)

All of which is going to keep me busy for a while, and I’ll be battling the hardest thing that I always have to deal with. Not getting lost going down the rabbit hole and losing track of when I’ve reached the point of close enough to be usable. Good luck to future me.


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