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So, I decided to use the deities from Golarion, because that is what my gaming group is familiar with and they can look them up via the Pathfinder Wiki for more information if they want. I also decided to use the AGE Explorations: Gift of the Gods as an expansion for this campaign setting. Here is what I’ve put together so far.

Dungeon of the Gods

Campaign Introduction

This is a setting where otherworldly powers have agreed to a compact to no longer directly interfere in the world as a whole, but to contain their philosophical differences to a specific region. At the center of this locale, they have placed a dungeon containing thematically varied levels, that ranges to an unknown depth. In the one and a half centuries since these supernatural beings created the dungeon, a city has developed around the entrance. The city Divinity, serves as the home for the various adventuring guilds that swear allegiance to the different divine alliances, and home to many powerful merchant families since the city has become a major trade port as well. Consequently, not all of the dangers associated with the city, are as easy to spot as the dangers of the dungeon that resides below it.

Setting Outline

The Dungeon of the Gods setting is a constructed to support a West Marches style of campaign play. This means that there isn’t necessarily a major overarching story that must be followed for a specific set of characters. The players are free to create new characters whenever they decide they want to try a different kind of character, with the restriction that the character will still need to be capable of working with the characters of the other players. Individual adventures will be constructed to target single gaming sessions if possible, and allow the flexibility to mix-and-match created characters as the players wish.

Campaign Specific Rules

In this campaign setting, usage of the talent Divine Gift (from AGE Explorations: Gift of the Gods) can be obtained only if the character has a proclaimed patron deity. This deity must be listed in the Deities section. Adventuring guilds must be aligned with one of the divine alliances, and all members of this adventuring guild must have a selected patron from that alliance.


The following tables provide a brief listing of the major deities within the common alliances and their associated Divine Dominions. Additional information for each deity can be found at the Pathfinder Wiki.

The most widely known alliances are as follows:

Alliance of Light

This alliance focuses on altruism, a respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Additionally, this alliance places value upon making personal sacrifices to help others.

DeityFavored Dominions
Cayden CaileanChaos, Love, Trickery
DesnaChaos, Fate, Magic
ErastilCraft, Law, Nature
IomedaeLaw, Protection, War
KofusachiChaos, Fate, Love
Qi ZhongHealing, Knowledge, Magic
SarenraeHealing, Protection, War
ShelynFate, Love, Protection
ShizuruDeath, Law, War
ToragCraft, Law, Protection
TsukiyoDeath, Law, Nature
Alliance of Light

Alliance of Indifference

The beings forming this alliance have no compunction against killing the innocent, and generally lack the commitment to make sacrifices to protect or help others.

DeityFavored Dominions
AbadarKnowledge, Law, Protection
CalistriaChaos, Love, Trickery
DaikitsuCraft, Healing, Nature
GorumChaos, Death, War
GozrehDeath, Knowledge, Nature
Hei FengChaos, Death, Nature
IroriHealing, Knowledge, Law
NalinivatiLove, Magic, Protection
NethysKnowledge, Magic, Protection
PharasmaDeath, Healing, Knowledge
Sun WukongChaos, Nature, Trickery
YamatsumiFate, Nature, Protection
Alliance of Indifference

Alliance of Shadow

This alliance has no compassion for others and kill without qualms. Some simply enjoy hurting, oppressing, or killing others, while some of this alliance’s members actively pursue the destruction of life in general.

DeityFavored Dominions
AsmodeusLaw, Magic, Trickery
FumeiyoshiDeath, Trickery, War
General SusumuLaw, Trickery, War
Lady NanbyoChaos, Death, Malice
LamashtuChaos, Theft, Trickery
Lao Shu PoNature, Theft, Trickery
NorgorberDeath, Knowledge, Trickery
RovagugChaos, Malice, War
UrgathoaDeath, Magic, War
YaezhingDeath, Law, Trickery
Zon-KuthonDeath, Law, Malice
Alliance of Shadow

Wrap-Up and Next Steps

So, I restricted the initial coverage to just the major deities from the Golarion world, regardless of the region. I made sure to give each deity three Dominions for followers to choose from, some of them it was easy, though there were a couple that I had to get creative with. I also tried to avoid giving two deities in the same alliance the same combination of Dominions, to help ensure some level of uniqueness between the deities within each alliance. That way each follower can bring something unique and different to the party. Overall, I feel pretty good about this, and I think it leaves things open enough for me to expand on in the future if I decide I need to do so.

Now, on to the next thing on my to-do list for this campaign, which I think will be defining the dungeon itself.

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