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The Toymaker’s Trouble

Introduction This one-shot adventure is designed for Old-School Essentials, but can be easily adapted to other systems, targeting low-mid level characters.  Adventure  Background A local merchant, by the name of Ardre Graelim, who is well known for his supply of toys, distractions, and gew-gaws. His source for these particular items is a gnomish enclave withContinue reading “The Toymaker’s Trouble”


The Mud King’s Celebration

Introduction This one-shot adventure is designed for Old-School Essentials, but can be easily adapted to other fantasy OSR systems, targeting low-mid level characters. The party doesn’t need to be explicitly wilderness focused, there are potential NPCs that can be hired for the purpose of tracking. Adventure  Background Iko Bifun, The Mud King, a merchant knownContinue reading “The Mud King’s Celebration”

The Curious Case of Coldwater

Introduction After creating some creatures for the forthcoming holiday in October, I decided to follow it up with a small one-shot adventure. Mostly what I’m providing here, are my notes for running this, as opposed to any attempt to be like a fancy published adventure. This adventure uses the system-neutral one-pager Coldwater by Raging SwanContinue reading “The Curious Case of Coldwater”

Comet’s Homecoming, Part 3

So, the game went very well, but the group went in some directions that I did not adequately anticipate. This of course is not surprising. When I get a chance, I’m going to convert my notes into an adventure that I’ll post on here. Until then, here is a listing of the media that inspiredContinue reading “Comet’s Homecoming, Part 3”

Comet’s Homecoming, Part 2

Working on this adventure I realized that DP&D desperately needed an editor, or at the very least a competent proof-reader. I was amazed at how many spelling and grammar errors are in the book. Regardless, it has been fun so far putting this adventure together. As I previously stated this adventure is a sandbox adventure,Continue reading “Comet’s Homecoming, Part 2”

Comet’s Homecoming, Part 1

I woke up in the middle of the night with a kernel of an idea for a Halloween adventure to run this year. So, this post is going to cover the beginnings of this adventure, effectively a snapshot of where I’m at with it at this exact moment. Adventure Idea A comet is going toContinue reading “Comet’s Homecoming, Part 1”