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OSE Monster – Casyati

Introduction Despite the uncertainty that seems to have gripped this hobby, I’m still working on my Dungeon23 challenge. Necrotic Gnome has published a statement regarding their viewpoint on the licensing debacle, the impact upon Old-School Essentials, and their plans for the future. In the interim, I’m going to continue doing what I do, create things.Continue reading “OSE Monster – Casyati”


OSE Monster – Tentamort

Introduction As I’m working my way through the Dungeon23 challenge, I am going to keep creating other things along the way. In this specific case, I’m generating an Old-School Essentials version of the tentamort. Tentamort This black-green squid-like creature has multiple suction-cup covered tentacles, two of which are longer than the rest, and two large saucer-likeContinue reading “OSE Monster – Tentamort”

OSE Monster – Gremlin

Introduction It’s that time of year to tap into a seasonally appropriate summer blockbuster monster and bring forth that maniacal minion of mischief and mayhem, the gremlin, for Old-School Essentials. The image below is of a 3D model by Galladur on MyMiniFactory, go check it out for an entertaining 3D model of a gremlin.  GremlinContinue reading “OSE Monster – Gremlin”

OSE Monster – Turkey Hydra

Introduction The concept for this is the direct result of this tweet from the creator of the solid model, but please visit the creator’s patreon. Not being able to let this pass, I had to create a variant of the OSE hydra that was specific for this beautiful creation. So here is what I generated,Continue reading “OSE Monster – Turkey Hydra”

OSE Monsters #1

Introduction In preparation of the forthcoming holiday in October, I decided to create a few creatures to use in an adventure I’m putting together that is planned to be seasonally appropriate. These creatures are specifically created for Old-School Essentials (OSE), but should be usable with most any OSR, with little to no additional tweaking. TheContinue reading “OSE Monsters #1”

Weakening AGE Adversaries

Sometimes in the conversion from PFRPG to FAGE, it is necessary to weaken an FAGE adversary so that they are more inline with the desired target. The most common reason for this in PFRPG, is due to youth of the adversary species. Here are my templates for this. Adolescent Making an adversary an adolescent, removeContinue reading “Weakening AGE Adversaries”

AGE Hobgoblins

In the current PFRPG campaign that we’re playing (Ironfang Invasion), the hobgoblin race plays a major and significant role. Unfortunately, there is no hobgoblin race in the FAGE game system, so I needed to create one. Since they represent both basic stat grunts and adversaries with class levels, material is needed to support both. LookingContinue reading “AGE Hobgoblins”