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The Dungeon of the Gods – #2

I guess to prove that I have been working on this challenge, this post covers my progress so far this month. I’ve also included an update on the soul shard aspect as well. Soul Shard Description The soul shard is a crystalized fraction of ether that emulates the function of a limited soul that hasContinue reading “The Dungeon of the Gods – #2”


The Dungeon of the Gods – #1

World Concept The gods agreed to a compact to stop fighting each other directly and to work through adventurer guilds that explore the megadungeon that they created. What is known is that they are looking for heroes to achieve certain unspoken goals as the dungeon is explored and conquered. Over the last 150 years, theContinue reading “The Dungeon of the Gods – #1”

Dungeon23 – Prep #2

Introduction I need to conclude my preparations for participating in the challenge (dungeon23, see previous blog post). I need to solidify themes for my levels, and encounter generation.  Level Themes Here is which of the themes I’ve decided to pursue each month for this challenge, along with some initial constraints for each level.  I alsoContinue reading “Dungeon23 – Prep #2”

Dungeon23 – Prep #1

The Challenge Dungeon23 is a challenge that was put forth by Sean McCoy (originally proposed on twitter, and then expanded on his blog). The basics of the challenge is to create a mega-dungeon, by designing one room per day, and one level per month. My Response History After some hemming and hawing, I decided toContinue reading “Dungeon23 – Prep #1”

OSE Races #2 – Beastkith

Introduction Here is another homebrewed OSE race. This one focuses on the a beast/humanoid fey race. The format I used here is consistent with the format used with OSE. Due to the mutability of the race, I decided that a certain pieces of information for it needed to be a negotiation between the player theContinue reading “OSE Races #2 – Beastkith”

OSE Monster – Turkey Hydra

Introduction The concept for this is the direct result of this tweet from the creator of the solid model, but please visit the creator’s patreon. Not being able to let this pass, I had to create a variant of the OSE hydra that was specific for this beautiful creation. So here is what I generated,Continue reading “OSE Monster – Turkey Hydra”

OSE Races #1 – Gearforged

Introduction After running the seasonally appropriate adventure using the Old-School Essentials (OSE) system, my group decided that they really like this system. They definitely liked the simplicity of the game mechanics, and the ease of use. So, with them embracing OSE, I need to start converting some things. Here is the first campaign race thatContinue reading “OSE Races #1 – Gearforged”

The Curious Case of Coldwater

Introduction After creating some creatures for the forthcoming holiday in October, I decided to follow it up with a small one-shot adventure. Mostly what I’m providing here, are my notes for running this, as opposed to any attempt to be like a fancy published adventure. This adventure uses the system-neutral one-pager Coldwater by Raging SwanContinue reading “The Curious Case of Coldwater”

OSE Monsters #1

Introduction In preparation of the forthcoming holiday in October, I decided to create a few creatures to use in an adventure I’m putting together that is planned to be seasonally appropriate. These creatures are specifically created for Old-School Essentials (OSE), but should be usable with most any OSR, with little to no additional tweaking. TheContinue reading “OSE Monsters #1”

DotG – The Wooden Pig District #1

I’ve spent quite a of time working on the city and here is another taste of what I’ve been doing. Here is a listing of some of the locations of interest in the Wooden Pig district Locations of Interest Farmland There is a significant amount of farmland surrounding the Wooden Pig district East of theContinue reading “DotG – The Wooden Pig District #1”